P.Love (Power of Love)- Adult Diapers

Double layer Absorption layer High speed channels Refastenable frontal patch Standing Side Leak guards Wetness indicator
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P.Love (Power of Love) Pack of 10 - Fabric : It has a soft satin feel that allows for free movement and feels natural - Dryness : maximum absorption and with super dry feel layer with interior standing leg cuffs ensures a leak proof design while it provides comfort to the patient - Wetness Indicator : It affords to know if a Diaper has reached capacity without having to open and peek – With aloe vera and antibacterial & deodorization super absorbant Pulp & SAP and Diamond embossed Fabric ensures maximum absorbancy - Anti Bacterial properties of the SAP ensures maximum protection against itching and rashes - High quality SAP ensures maximum absorbancy & controls odour. It ensures a relatively pleasant experience to both the patient and the caretaker - Triple Layered Elastic combo tape fastner is more comfortable than a full plastic frontal tape fastner that crinkle with every move of the patient, especially for those whose movements are not so restricted.ISO Mark Product for Unisex use.